Squash iAM (Intelligent Asset Management) is embedded solution that has 5 management functions: Power, Security, Asset, Fuel and Environment Management, that work as a standalone system and can be monitored in real time in NOM (Network Operation Management) through web-based and mobile applications.

Squash iAM provides seamless communication using both Ethernet and GSM Modem with up to 2 SIM cards, in order to ensure continuous data and alarm dispatched immediately to NOM server and recipients.

Squash iAM is built for Banking, Telecom, and Oil & Gas industries.

Global Functions

POWER Management

iAM monitors power consumption, saving, usage,battery backup including phase & frequency.

SECURITY Management

iAM provides motion detector, security camera,door/gate lock, asset stolen alert, intruder alert.

ASSET Management

iAM monitors asset availability, MTBF,defect/faulty etc.

FUEL Management

iAM monitors fuel consumption, water in diesel,and syphoning the fuel steal ling sensor.


iAM measures Humidity, Outside I Shelter I Battery Temperature,Smoke Detector and many more.


Diverse and large number assets has complicated of maintenance, and inventory control to maintain good asset performance.

Assets inventory manually is often have a problem in practice. The problem often arises in inventory valuation assets include assets that are not accurate due to a database update, the transfer of assets from one to another place that is not well documented, age of assets that are not well-defined until the loss (theft of assets) that are not detected.

Appropriate solutions to overcome these constraints by launching a software product called "Asset Watcher". By utilizing RFID technology in a mobile application that is installed into the phone / tablet Android and collaborate with Service Cloud Servers